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On Wednesday night, Daniel Dale went to investigate a piece of land Rob Ford wants to buy. I’m not going to get into the specifics because you can read them and a variety of perspectives all over the place, including here, and here. And it just keeps getting weirder.

Anyway, Dale—a…

“I encourage them to meet and come and talk to me - and as you guys know I’m meeting with the councillors, as many as I can — and getting their input and telling [them] the direction I want to take the city.”

You don’t get jobs
having 400 acres of parkland

Parks are beautiful
We have tons of parks

but unfortunately
that tree can’t employ anybody

As a businessman
I have the experience
of creating jobs
meeting payrolls

and I understand
how the real world works
the business world

Mayor Rob Ford on a Thursday evening, pointing to a wooded area in Colonel Danforth Park, September 8, 2011 | Mayor Ford defends brother’s waterfront vision, Toronto Star

VIDEO: Residents mock Mayor Rob Ford as he enters a KFC

Doug Ford said Wednesday that he and his brother are facing severe scrutiny.

“Buddy, of course we are,” Ford said in an interview. “I couldn’t take a candy out of a candy dish at one of the buildings on Bay St. before somebody called the media by the time I got downstairs and said they saw me taking candy. Anyways, at the end of the day, buddy, I’m hittin’ my target. Fifty pounds. That’s it. Rob? It might be a little tougher.”

How do you like your local government: Anglo-Saxon or Norman?

… Grint’s team interviewed elected mayors across the Anglo-Saxon world (in the linguistic sense rather than pre-feudal) and found mayors predictably enthusiastic. I note in passing that they did not talk to Rob Ford , 64th elected mayor of Toronto (since 2010), who is a loud-mouth rightwing populist who makes Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone sound both cerebral and shy.

The Rob Ford audit: Tips welcome, auditor says

What issues will Froese Forensic look at?

Any issues its investigators think are worth looking at — including, possibly, those brought to their attention by tipsters. “If anyone has information they think is relevant for us, we’d be pleased to hear from them,” Froese said.

MGM eyes Toronto for sprawling integrated resort and casino

On chatting with The Donald:

“We had a little bit of a conversation,” the mayor said, before racing out a back door away from the press.

City council: A visual look at how it has turned against Rob Ford

The Toronto Star delivers a visual look at how city council has turned against Mayor Rob Ford’s agenda. Chart by chart, slowly they turn …

Rob Ford’s guarantee: Sheppard Subway completed by 2015 (by kentl5)

"I will build subways. I will guarantee – within four years, by the time the Pan-Am games come – we’re gonna have the Sheppard line finished. Professional people I’ve dealt with have told me this …"